I wonder

Jim Nantz jim at COTTAGESOFT.COM
Sat Feb 14 20:55:31 MST 1998

I was just channel surfing when I came across a program on A&E dealing with
Jeffrey Dahmer.  They had his father on there.  Mr. Dahmer was talking
about what a poor sick child his son was.  He talked about how cruel it was
when a congressman from Ohio said in front of the congress that they
(prisoners) should be allowed to kill each other.  Now I don't know exactly
what the congressman said, they didn't have the tape of it on the program.
Now I wonder hmmmm. What congressman from Ohio would be crazy enough to say
something like that.

I wonder Mr. Speaker

We don't need the religous right -- we already have a president that has
the morals of a TV Evangelist!

Jay Leno:

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