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> Drudge Grudge: Judge, Fudge
>          By Jon Fine
>          When a twenty-something guy who prints a gossip
>          column on his Web site ends up stubble to jowl on "Meet
>          the Press" with William Safire and Michael Isikoff, one
>          might forgive the viewer for taking Admiral Stockdale's
>          plaintive query into the third person.
>          Who is Matt Drudge? And what is he doing there?
>          He's frowned upon by the keepers of the journalistic
>          flame, even as newsroom denizens across the nation flock to the latest Drudge
>          Report. He's scorned by Stephanopoulous on one Sunday morning show days
>          before appearing on another. No one personifies media schizophrenia circa 1998
>          -- or the stresses of journalism coping with a changing mediascape -- better than
>          Drudge.
>          Make no mistake: He's no saint of media-to-be. And a good chunk of the
>          criticism aimed at him is deserved. He is a gossip columnist, and some of his
>          public comments reflect the musings of a man unschooled in standard
>          journalistic procedures. (You decide if this makes him refreshing or dangerous.)
>          His defenders will claim that few take Drudge seriously enough to confuse him
>          with the guys he sat with on "Meet the Press." But if there's a distinction
>          between gossip and journalism, don't look for Drudge to define it. "Don't shoot,
>          I'm just a reporter ..." ended one tongue-in-cheek missive from a recent Drudge
>          Report. Drudge did not respond to messages seeking comment for this column.
>          All the same, it's interesting to note the shock and horror he inspires in
>          mainstream media circles. Perhaps this is why, in its rush to judgment, stories
>          that get out about Drudge seem to fudge a detail or two to make his role more
>          damning.


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