Bad Boy Drudge

A.C. Szul mack97 at EROLS.COM
Sun Feb 15 08:41:49 MST 1998

By far, considering that the PR machinery in the WH has been overwhelming
--making Starr and others look quite "bad" in media reports-- it's good to know
that so many folks within the WH are so darn curious 'bout what Matt Drudge is
reporting on his little 'ole web site (and I say that b/c it's like comparing
apples 'n oranges....when have we ever had the opportunity to compare the
abilties of one man's web site to that of the resources of a White House??!)

PapaPaul wrote:

> Bad Boy Matt Drudge sez in his latest:
> "A quick thanks to all who have cheered and jeered this report in the past
> few weeks.  What a run it has been.  There have been 6,162,100 visitors to
> the DRUDGE REPORT website in the past 31 days.  [29,525 from the White House
> domain, for those who have asked.]"


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