cbnron cbnron at ADAMS.NET
Sun Feb 15 10:39:30 MST 1998

>        For openers, why is the Justice Department so named, since they
are out to
>impede justice? Secondly, why is the Treasury Department involved? Two
>questions that McCurry ought to be physically *FORCED* to answer.
>John A. Quayle

You can bet the networks will always find someone to interview that will
put the worst possible light on anything that they consider the "vast right
wing consperacy," in their quest for "equality."  i saw that show too and
noticed that the guy that thot the ss should testify got very little air
time.  Anyway, the reason that treasury is involved is that the secret
service is under the auspices of the treas. dept.  Good question tho about
the Justice dept.  However, didn't justice decide that the ss *could*
testify?  i think reno has her panties in a wad over something - could she
be mad that she got all that flack about the contribution special
prosecuter when she was only doing her boss's biding?  Maybe she feels a
little more job security now sonce if clinton fired her now he would really
show himself for what he is.

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