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>I was just channel surfing when I came across a program on A&E dealing
with Jeffrey Dahmer. They had his father on there. Mr. Dahmer was talking
>about what a poor sick child his son was.

        Well, now........if the man *KNEW* his son was *SICK*, why didn't he have
him institutionalized before his son began his killing spree?

> He talked about how cruel it was when a congressman from Ohio said in
> front of the congress that they (prisoners) should be allowed to kill each
> other. Now I don't know exactly what the congressman said, they didn't >
have the tape of it on the program. Now I wonder hmmmm. What > congressman
from Ohio would be crazy enough to say something like that.
>I wonder Mr. Speaker

        Just *MAYBE*, it was Traficant.......


John A. Quayle

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