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Phil Gerdes philg at KSU.EDU
Mon Feb 16 01:54:25 MST 1998

On 14 Feb 98 at 14:24, Hank Stanley wrote:

                     *** god stuff snipped *******
> Wait.  Let me guess.  Your formative years were spent attending public
> school, weren't they?
 Yes, as a matter of fact they were.  Went to college after 4 yrs in
the Marine Corps, don't remember college talking about the
constitution.  Any way, thanks for you help.  I am on another list
and I think I am out of my league, the list is mostly college Profs
and Graduate students,  all they know is the world of college.  They
don't seem to understand when I talk about the real world.
Again, thanks for you help.

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