They're coming for you Doug

Doug Bergner doug at NETWRX.NET
Mon Feb 16 10:15:16 MST 1998

Clearly here again we are dealing with the anti-fun nazis.  I'm sure if
anyone tried hard enough you could justify taking away all our liberties
under the guise of protecting "the children".  As for me, my cigars and my
7,000lbs SUV, all I can say is, Stay outta my Way! :)

At 12:54 AM 2/14/98 -0700, you wrote:
>I heard the other day on fox news that the federales are now showing
>interest in the alarming rate of young people smoking cigars.  Last year
>when they were going after cigarettes I knew it was a matter of time.  So
>if you're driving your SUV to the car show you better make sure that when
>you light up that OpusX that you don't have anyone else in there with you
>especially kids and you better keep the windows rolled up or they'll get
>you for polluting the environment.
>We don't need the religous right -- we already have a president that has
>the morals of a TV Evangelist!
>Jay Leno:
"If no one among us is capable of governing himself, then who among us is
capable of governing someone else" -Ronald Reagan
There are very few problems in the world that cant be cured by the
appropriate amount of high explosives... -unknown

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