Simon Vs Ehrlich (Hehehe)

PapaPaul febboy at IX.NETCOM.COM
Mon Feb 16 20:51:43 MST 1998

Tom Sowell sez:

Professor Simon made a famous bet with the leading hysteria-monger of our
time, Paul Ehrlich of Stanford University. Simon had offered to bet anybody
that any set of natural resources that they claimed were running low would
in fact be cheaper in the future than today. Professor Ehrlich took him up
on it. Simon allowed Ehrlich to pick which resources and which period of

Ehrlich and his fellow hysterics chose a bundle of ten natural resources
and a period of ten years. At the end of the decade, not only was the real
cost of that bundle lower than at the beginning, every single natural
resource that the Ehrlich camp had picked had a lower real cost than when
the decade began.

<<<<<< S N I P >>>>>>

With a full understanding of the opposition and smears he would encounter,
Julian Simon nevertheless wrote The Economics of Population Growth,
Population Matters, and -- his best-known book -- The Ultimate Resource. To
him, the ultimate resource was human intelligence.

We should also add, in honor of Julian Simon [who recently died], the
courage to use that intelligence.

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