Russia & Iraq; parters in crime

Richard A Whitenight rum.runner at JUNO.COM
Tue Feb 17 01:09:38 MST 1998

I just love how Russia is playing the part of the Big Bad Wolf in this
latest incident with Iraq.  Iraq cries that the UN is treating them quickly they forget that they (Iraq) haven't met the
requirements of the last settlement when the US was only 50 miles south
of Baghdad, and practically their entire air force and daunted regimental
forces were terminated by the combined forces of those UN forces
participating in Operation Desert Storm.  Then, a Russian delegate tours
Iraq's hospitals and publicly decrees that our (US) economic sanctions
are slowing starving or killing Iraqi children.  Why do I get the feeling
that Russia is trying to huff and puff the United States house down?  As
much as Russia is condemning any military strike against Iraq, I suspect
if we did conduct strategic air strikes against specific targets in Iraq,
that Russia would basically sit back and become a docile observer.  Iraq
also comes out and says that any strike their country could be
detrimental to anyone on their borders, which pretty well smelled of or
directed towards Kuwait.  I am one who feels that if we take military
action against Iraq, we must be willing to go "balls to the wall", 100%
determined to complete the job which he failed to do in 1991-1992, which
was to eliminate Sadam Hussein <sp> as the ruler of Iraq.  To allow him
to stay in power, would show us as willing to speak loudly but carry
nothing behind our words.

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