Russia & Iraq; parters in crime

Jim Nantz jim at COTTAGESOFT.COM
Tue Feb 17 02:23:48 MST 1998

At 03:09 AM 2/17/98 EST, Richard Whitenight
>I am one who feels that if we take military
>action against Iraq, we must be willing to go "balls to the wall", 100%
>determined to complete the job which he failed to do in 1991-1992, which
>was to eliminate Sadam Hussein <sp> as the ruler of Iraq.  To allow him
>to stay in power, would show us as willing to speak loudly but carry
>nothing behind our words.

I see your point.  If the U.S. does nothing to Saddam then the message is
sent that it's ok to do what Saddam has done.  If nothing is done about
Saddam now: the U.S. will be at a perpetual state of near war with him like
we've been since the end of the gulf war.  All the while Saddam is building
up his arsenal.  This endless cycle of cat and mouse will end when Saddam
once again feels he is strong enough to take on the west.

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