Safire: Chinese Intel. The Real Scandal

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        Money Laundering

        China's Spy Ring

        by William Safire
        Feb. 16, 1998

         WASHINGTON -- On Sept. 13, 1995 -- a date that will live in Clinfamy --

         During his 18 months of reading secret cable traffic, Huang received 37
personal briefings from a too-trusting C.I.A. officer on the findings of
U.S. agents in Asia, at which he could view some 500 pieces of raw
intelligence that revealed sources and methods.

         In that span, Huang made 261 calls from his Commerce office to Lippo in
Los Angeles and Indonesia, 21 calls to Mark Middleton, the Clinton aide
who had gone through the revolving door to Lippo. He also made 10 calls
and paid a visit to Webster Hubbell, who had been paid $100,000 by Riady
as a favor to Clinton just before Hubbell's indictment.

         Unbeknownst to his Commerce colleagues, Huang entered the White House
and E.O.B. 67 times. Surreptitiously, he regularly visited a "drop"     across
the street from Commerce maintained by Lippo ally Stephens Inc.,        where --
often just after C.I.A. briefings -- Huang sent and received    faxes and
packages and made calls he did not want to appear on Commerce   records.

         At the Sept. 13 Oval Office meeting, Clinton -- desperate for TV money
-- reassigned Huang to the D.N.C., where he could raise funds from those
he had serviced. He was the only D.N.C. official ever to be able to keep
his security clearance.

Gee!  Wouldn't it be great if someone cared about this?

This is the kind of thing that ought to just light up the citizenry of this

But, hey, the alleged president has 79% approval ratings...and whatever he
does in private is his business...and the economy is great...and, besides,
spring training starts in less that a month...(yawn)...

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