Vermont Carry Bill Sponsor Assaulted By Anti-gun Legislator

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Wed Feb 18 10:34:00 MST 1998

A few numbers about the effects of guns and gun control, for those


>From the National Self-Defense Survey, Gary Kleck, PhD, , Florida
State U., School of Criminology and Criminal Justice.  1-904-644-4050

* 2.4 million defensive uses of guns against humans in 1992.
  1.9 million of them were with handguns.

*  1,489 accidental gun deaths in 1991
  47,000 Motor vehicle deaths
  12,000 deaths in falls
   4,700 deaths by drowning

* Defenses against:             * Location of defense:

              Sexual crime 8%     In or near the gun owner's home: 72%
       Non-sexual assault 29%                         Friend's home 4%
  Home burglary and theft 33%                        Parked vehicle 4%
                  Robbery 22%
              Trespassing 16%
  Figures overlap since some defenses involve more than one crime.

* Type of defense:                           * Versus criminal armed with:
                   Referred to the gun 54%              any weapon 47%
                       Pointed the gun 47%                 Handgun 13.6%
                         Fired the gun 22%                Other gun 4.5%
  Fired at criminal (not warning shot) 14%                   Knife 18.1%
             Wound or kill the criminal 8%       Other sharp object 2%
                                                      Blunt object 10.1%
                                                       Other weapon 6%
  * Defender with gun was attacked
  by person with lesser or no weapon, 83%.

Don Kates, Civil Rights Atty, St. Louis University School of Law:
* Percentage of privately owned handguns used in crimes: 0.4%

* Percentage of times armed citizens have successfully wounded or
    driven off criminals: 83%
* Percentage of times armed police have successfully wounded or
    driven off criminals: 68%

* Percentage of persons shot by armed private citizens, who
    were innocent:   2%
* Percentage of persons shot by armed police, who were
    innocent:       11%

Washington DC:     78 per 100K (very strict gun control laws)
New York City:     31 per 100K (very strict gun control laws)
Los Angeles:       28 per 100K (strict gun control laws)
Phoenix:           13 per 100K (few gun control laws)
El Paso:            7 per 100K (few gun control laws)
Colorado Springs:   3 per 100K (very few gun control laws)
State of Vermont: 2.3 per 100K (no gun control laws) <--------- !!!

YEAR             1985   1986   1987   1988   1989   1990   1991   1992
  1993   1994   1995   1996
US MURDERS     19,000 20,600 20,100 20,700 21,500 23,400 24,700 23,800
24,500 23,300 21,600
EXECUTIONS         18     18     25     11     16     23     14     31
    38     31     56
% Executed     0.095% 0.087% 0.124% 0.053% 0.074% 0.098% 0.056% 0.130%
0.155% 0.133% 0.259%

TEXAS MURDER RATE                     12.1   11.9   14.1   15.3
                11.0    9.0
TEXAS POPl(Mil) 16.27                       16.81  16.99  17.37  17.70
 18.06  18.43  18.80  19.13
TEXAS EXECUTIONS                                              5     12
    17     14     19

TEXAS MURDER RATE (murders per 100,000 population) and EXECUTION RECORD
YEAR:           1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995
                ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ----
MURDER RATE:    14.1 15.3 12.7      11.0  9.0
NO. EXECUTIONS:         5   12   17   14   19

Steve Maher

From: PapaPaul
Subject: Vermont Carry Bill Sponsor Assaulted By Anti-gun Legislator
Date: Wednesday, February 18, 1998 1:25AM

Folks, the following is email from GunOwnersOfAmerica.
I read the story and I'm gonna call the jerk,,,,,,,,,

Vermont Carry Bill Sponsor Assaulted By Anti-gun Legislator

Gun Owners of America E-Mail/FAX Alert
8001 Forbes Place, Suite 102, Springfield, VA 22151
Phone: 703-321-8585 / FAX: 703-321-8408

Multi-state Alert: February 17, 1998

Representative Lisa Lutz, the sponsor of the Vermont-style
Carry Bill for New Mexico (HB 296) must be getting the
attention of the enemy. While sitting in a House
Appropriations Committee meeting on February 11th,
Representative James G. Taylor, the anti-gun water boy for
Speaker Raymond Sanchez, walked up behind her and slapped
her on the back of the head!

GOA's State and Local Affairs Director Dennis Fusaro, who
witnessed the incident, was shocked. "What is this?" said
Fusaro, "The New Mexico House, or Animal House?" Lutz asked
Fusaro not to act on his first impulse and return the favor
to Taylor. GOA members need not exercise similar restraint
in expressing their (1st Amd) outrage at this kind of

When a Vermont-style carry law was introduced in Oregon, its
sponsor, Representative Patti Milne, was verbally abused by
anti-gun House Rep. George Eighmey.

Oregon GOA members were alerted and flooded Eighmey with
calls, faxes and E-mails. At the second hearing for the bill
Eighmey publicly apologized and credited GOA members for
"showing him the light."

Taylor's physical abuse calls for no less of a response.
Let's show Taylor the same light Oregon members showed
Eighmey. Contact Taylor and Speaker Sanchez and tell them
what you think of Taylor's outrageous behavior.

The numbers for Rep. Taylor are:
(505) 986-4282 (Legislature)
(505) 764-6850 (Buisiness)
(505) 877-4986 (Home)

The numbers for Speaker Sanchez are:
(505) 986-4782 (Legislature)
(505) 247-4321 (Business)
(505) 898-6644 (Home)

Both can be faxed at (505) 986-4755

While you're at it, Contact Representative Lutz and let her
know what a great job she's doing. Representative Lutz can be
reached at: (505) 986-4233. Tell the Republican Leadership the
same thing: (505) 986-4758/4757.

You can and should call even if you don't live in New Mexico.
New Mexico's Speaker needs to know the word is spreading to
other states about the kind of nonsense he is letting happen.
General Information Line is (505) 986-4751.

Any ?s Call GOA
Guns Save Lives

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getting up-to-the-minute information, please consider
joining the GOA E-mail Alert Network directly. The service
is free, your address remains confidential, and the volume
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