John Nebel nebel at ATHENA.CSDCO.COM
Wed Feb 18 11:17:06 MST 1998

>From the Electronic Telegraph (www.telegraph.co.uk)

         Mrs Clinton hailed as 'model manipulator
         By Hugo Gurdon

         White House steels itself for Chinagate

         HILLARY Clinton's ability to win round public opinion
         with "little or no substance and no reasoning" has been
         recommended as a model for Chinese Communist Party .

         Yu Quanyu, the director of the press and media institute Centre
         at Beijing's Academy of Social Sciences, picked President
         Clinton's wife as a shining example of a successful
         manipulative orator, for apparatchiks to follow.

         The accolade, in an article in Ideological and Political
         Work Studies, comes at a time when the First Lady is
         credited with repairing her husband's scandal-damaged
         fortunes with a blistering attack on America's "vast
         Right-wing conspiracy" during a nationwide television
         appearance two weeks ago.

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