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Jim Nantz jim at COTTAGESOFT.COM
Wed Feb 18 14:42:56 MST 1998

>P.S. My cable company doesn't carry Fox News Channel, but the local
>PBS stations carries Fox News Sunday, one hour a week. I was out of
>town last weekend, adn got to see Fox News Channel (the 24 one)
>for the first time.
>What a delight! When political issues came up, they put on one
>conservative and one liberal, clearly identified them as such, and
>let them take turns. The announcer asked incisive questions of each,
>and laughed at them when they got too hard to believe.
>It was like the sun coming up. Seeing the conservative viewpoint
>represented on an equal footing with the liberal, was incredible.
You can keep up with it at home even though your cable company doesn't
carry it.  The following url will take you right to the page where you can
access the realaudio and realvideo streams.

If they change this go to the main page and when the page
loads you'll see at the top a tab that says video and has a little camera
icon next to it.

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