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>Together we can work to rid our nation of these sparkling blue deathtraps.

This is a good plan but you forgot something that will speed up your time
table. Create a series of taxes such as a water tax for all water going
into the pool (the meter will have to be installed at the owner's expense,
of course), excise taxes on pool chemicals (100% for the deadliest
chemicals like chlorine) and of course politically correct...I mean
environmentally safe filter sand which will require certified and licensed
technicians to remove and replace along with a substantial disposal fee. Oh
yes, ban those deadly solor covers which has the added benefit of
maximizing evaporation which of course must be replaced with taxed water.
The taxes will start out very small and be earmarked for manditory pool
training programs for children and owners. Once established the taxes can
easily be increased very rapidly. We have to be sure to lay a big guilt
trip on anyone that opposes saving the children. We must do this for the

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