Bubba's fiasco in Ohio

Jim Nantz jim at COTTAGESOFT.COM
Wed Feb 18 21:12:19 MST 1998

I've seen several times today the footage of the town hall meeting in Ohio
today with the administration officials.  Here we had government officials
trying to justify to the people any military action that may be taken
against Saddam.  I think it's ironic that this crowd that's now pushing for
action in the gulf was, 30 years ago protesting against the war in Vietnam.
 I also thought it interesting that these people are themselves facing

Someone said that politics makes strange bedfellows.  30 years ago it was
liberals that were against war and conservatives that were supporting the
war.  Now we have liberals (clinton administration) supporting war, and
other liberals (students) opposing it.  So now we have a situation where
conservatives who oppose Clinton's attempt to use Saddam to divert
attention from scandal at home are on the same side with the bunny huggers
and the pc crowd (at least in this one issue).

We don't need the religous right -- we already have a president that has
the morals of a TV Evangelist!

Jay Leno:

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