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Jim Nantz jim at COTTAGESOFT.COM
Thu Feb 19 00:12:13 MST 1998

Greetings fellow pool control advocates.  As we predicted the radical right
wing pool owners have reacted to our organization.  Already a famous talk
show host on an Arizona radio station has suggested that a leading woman in
our organization be taken to the vet's office to be spaid.  Also bumper
stickers saying "they can have my clorine tablets when they pry the
container from my cold dead fingers" have been seen in several states.

ALERT!  We must contact our congressmen immediately and pressure them for
tighter controls on the Mexican border.  This step is needed because of
increased smuggling of pool chemicals from Mexico.  People have been
smuggling pool supplies from Mexico, selling them to unlicensed users, and
using them for their own pools.  This must stop.  There's no telling how
many people will suffer skin irritation and difficulty in breathing from
the improper use of these dangerous chemicals.  Also people who buy pool
chemicals on the black market don't pay the federal taxes that are funding
the education programs that are teaching our nation's children about the
dangers of swimming pools. These people who are buying on the black market
are doing so because of the incentive of cheap supplies - 1/3 of what
people are paying for legal taxed purchases.

Tip for the day - how you can help.  Did you see that backhoe in the
neighborhood today?  What was it doing there?  Did the neighbors say it was
digging up the septic tank?  Don't be so sure.  There have been reports of
people renting out their backhoes for the purpose of digging holes for
unlicensed pools.  So be sure and watch for backhoes in your neighborhood.
Another thing you can look for is suspicious cement mixers in the
neighborhood a few days after the backhoe was seen.  That cement mixer may
be out there to line the walls of the pool.  Also some people have been
resourcefull enough to buy bags of cement and mix it themselves.  If you
see a neighbor moving large heavy objects late at night please report
him/her.  They may be sneaking in cement bags.

Activity report:  Several states are developing a reputation for hotbeds of
pro pool activity.  Foremost is Arizona (a hotbed of right wing
reactionaries for years) followed by California, New Mexico, and Texas.  If
you live in other states don't relax your vigilance.  The pro pool lobby is
operating in every state except for Alaska.

We don't need the religous right -- we already have a president that has
the morals of a TV Evangelist!

Jay Leno:

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