Whither the Golden Fleece award???

Maher, Steve (SD-MS) SMAHER at GI.COM
Thu Feb 19 18:18:00 MST 1998

Dispatched this week to 150,000+ readers in 140 countries AND a number of
  Bloomburg-disdaining newsies at Reuters Ltd., it's...

THIS is TRUE for 8 February 1998       Copyright 1998 by Randy Cassingham
PRIORITIES SET: San Francisco has a new home for the homeless. The $7
  million compound has color TVs in every room. "Lots of hugs" for any
  resident who feels lonely. Special ventilation systems keep the air
  clean and odorless, and free food is delivered to each room at
  mealtimes. Even medical and "beauty" care is provided. "We are trying
  to test the envelope here," says director Richard Avanzino. "What we
  really hope is that this will help us to save a lot more lives." But
  hungry humans need not apply: this is the city's new animal shelter.
  Avanzino defends the opulent dog and cat house, which is even stocked
  with real furniture. "People think of pets as family members. You
  wouldn't put your family member in a cage, would you?" (Reuters)
  ...Sure some of the endowment would buy a lot of cardboard box homes
  for homeless street families. However, the pound has cable TV bills to

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