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Phil Gerdes philg at KSU.EDU
Fri Feb 20 00:57:57 MST 1998

On 19 Feb 98 at 18:03, PapaPaul wrote:

> >I've been a member of this list for awhile and I think there is  a
> >lot of common since on this list.  Also, I wish I could debate like
> >some people on this list but I only know small words.  I didn't
> >respond sooner because I've been out sick with ' new-moun-ya'.
> >ps I can't spell either...
> >
>         Okay, I will be glad to help out here, Phil.
>         Actually, it's spilled "No-Mo-Ni-Yum"
>         BTW, How you feelin now?
>         ~~ PapaPaul

Okay, let me try it again, pnew-moan-ya.  My wife said it starts with
a p.  I am feeling better, I can walk a few feet with out coughing.
If I am resting quietly, I don't cough.  I think I'll go home early

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