Past dust-biter gets another mouthful

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) - Former Gov. Jim Guy Tucker pleaded guilty
Friday to setting up a sham bankruptcy that saved him and a partner
$3 million in federal income taxes after the sale of a cable
television business in Florida.

In a plea agreement with Whitewater prosecutors who filed the
charges, Tucker will be placed on probation. There was no immediate
word on whether there was any requirement that he help investigators
who are looking into President Clinton's Arkansas business dealings.

In a hearing before U.S. District Judge Stephen M. Reasoner, Tucker
admitted not disclosing the sale of a Plantation, Fla., cable
television system when filing papers as part of a bankruptcy filing
in Texas in the 1980s.

``I plead guilty,'' Tucker said. ``I accept responsibiility for it.''

The former governor, said his personal lawyer, John Haley, would plead
guilty separately to a misdemeanor.

The plea came the day after jury selection began in Tucker's trial on
the cable deal.

Tucker resigned after being convicted in a separate case brought by
Whitewater prosecutors in 1996. He was sentenced to four years'
probation, including 18 months of home detention that expired Thursday.

Tucker has also battled health problems in recent years and underwent
a liver transplant.


ABC radio has separately reported that Tucker has agreed to cooperate
with Ken Starr's Whitewater investigation, as part of his plea bargain.

There is no word on whether Vernon Jordan has shown up to arrange
lucrative employment for Tucker.

Steve Maher

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