A Hazard of Working for Clinton: Huge Legal Bills

Maher, Steve (SD-MS) SMAHER at GI.COM
Fri Feb 20 14:55:00 MST 1998

>The wjc administration is the best thing to happen to Washington
>lawyers in decades. I wonder how many millions have been earned by
>lawyers since wjc and hrc got into public office? How many associates
>and confidants of wjc are in jail, in court, or about to go to court?
>Who pays all their bills? It will be a sad day for attorneys when the
>Arky's have to go home.

Don't count your chickens before they've flown the coop.  <ouch>

If a Republican is elected president in 2000, you can look forward to
a barrage of investigations, lawsuits, accusations, leaks, etc. that
will make him wish he were treated as gently as Newt Gingrich was instead.
Doesn't matter who he is or what he has or hasn't done. If he has stepped
on a crack in the sidewalk in the last sixty years, he will wind up
accused of causing the Mt. St. Helens eruptions... and will have to hire
those same high-priced Washington lawyers to defend himself against the
charges. And if he has gotten a divorce at some point in his life--
regardless of circumstances-- he will become Jack the Ripper.

And if he has actually done something illegal (gotten a speeding
ticket, carried a gun into a no-concealed-carry state, failed to
report $100 in interest income on April 15, 1954)-- then God help him.

When the Dems lost the Congress in 1994, the gloves came off. Repubs
were able to investigate Dem crimes for the first time since the
Great Depression, and there were plenty to investigate. Years of
Dem stonewalling since that time, only delayed the inevitable until
1997 and beyond, when all the walls started to crumble.

Dems have said recently, that Repubs remember how roughly Repubs were
treated during Watergate, 25 years ago, and the Repubs are just out
for revenge (a neat way to duck the Dems' own culpability for what's
happening today). IMHO it's not necessary to go back that far, to find
out why Repubs don't feel sorry for Democrats: you need go back no
farther than the 1995 anti-Newt campaign, and its continuation into the
1996 Presidential election.

Republicans were maligned and lied about on a scale not seen since the
"baby-killer" propaganda of WWII, and the party badly hurt as a result
(plus the effect from their not making much of an effort to defend
themselves). Pro-Dem, anti-Repub spending eclipsed pro-Repub campaign
spending by more than 4 to 1 in '95 and '96, including the anti-Newt
campaign and the blizzards of putatively non-partisan ads on everything
from health care reform to Welfare.

Now, the Repubs have no qualms about letting leaks continue and pressing
investigations near the boundaries (though, in truth, they might not
have minded even if there hadn't been the recent years of abuse). The
Dems' biggest problem, aside from an exhausted war chest, is a media which
is finally looking into their own malfeasance almost with the same fervor
as it used to look into Repubs'-- but with far juicier results, since there
is so much more to dig up than the Repubs ever had (does anyone think that
Iran-contra and Bob Packwood can hold a candle to the sheer spectacle
of myriad sexual affairs, bribery, obstruction, international payoffs and
quid pro quo that have been bursting from the current administration?

The sh*t hasn't even started hitting the fan, in fact. Now the Lewinsky
thing is headlines, but only because the news magazines got hold of it.
It will be interesting to hear the leaks of what Lewinsky, the USSS agent,
etc. say to the Grand Jury. But soon there won't be any more significant
info coming from that quarter.

But, soon, the Paula Jones trial will start. And after that (probably),
Starr will release his final report that he's been working on for years,
which will include the FBI files and Whitewater matters; and may also
include Mena. David Hale is now out of jail. Jim Guy Tucker has agreed
to cooperate (well, so did Hubbell, but you can't win 'em all). And,
most importantly, people who may have concealed their testimony for fear
of administration retaliation and potential Arkancide, are now starting
to see hints of justice being done.

IMHO the blood has barely started to flow in Clinton scandals.

Do you think that Washington lawyers have had a good few years? You ain't
seen nothin' yet. If a Repub is elected President in 2000, and they keep
the Congress, they'll find themselves in the midst of Democrats far more
angry-- and vindicative-- than anything the Repubs have faced since the
end of the Civil War.

Newt et. al. had better reduce the size of government-- Washington will need
the room, to accommodate all the lawyers that will move into town.

Believe me, the fun has barely started.

Steve Maher


The Constitution isn't perfect... but it's better than the system we have

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