cbnron cbnron at ADAMS.NET
Fri Feb 20 16:14:40 MST 1998

At 10:34 AM 2/20/98 -0700, you wrote:
>At 11:19 AM 2/20/98 -0600, carole wrote:
>>Goodness, Jim - and i was thinking that i was the only one who had this
>>take on the thing.  However, i thot maybe it was because clinton wanted us
>>all to get upset about "weapons of mass distruction" so he could start his
>I haven't thought about that.  It would let him point and say "See what we
>have to stop.  If we don't do something now, this will happen over and over
>again.  Just think what would have happened if an Iraqi agent really did
>release anthrax in Las Vegas."
boy, they sure could have wiped them out fast with a couple little drops in
the casinos.

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