coincidence and diversion (was Re: anthrax)

Dennis Putnam dap1 at MINDSPRING.COM
Fri Feb 20 17:17:13 MST 1998

At 09:51 AM 2/20/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Personally I think this is too much of a coincidence. The scandals in DC
>are gaining momentum, and the public has already seen wag the dog.  I can't
>help but wonder if this is a scheme to divert attention from the Clinton
>scandals. It would be just like him to pull something like this.  Just
>think how much attention this will get in the media.

I agree with the convienent coincidence but not the diversion. I don't
think this was staged to divert attention from fornigate but rather to drum
up support, via fear mongering ( the number one tactic of clinton), for an
attack on Iran.

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