Past dust-biter gets another mouthful

Kenneth E. Wyman kewcomm1 at IX.NETCOM.COM
Fri Feb 20 23:47:45 MST 1998

On 02/20/98 12:41:00 Steve wrote:
>From: cas at
>LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) - Former Gov. Jim Guy Tucker pleaded guilty
>Friday to setting up a sham bankruptcy that saved him and a partner
>$3 million in federal income taxes after the sale of a cable
>television business in Florida.................

>Steve Maher
      interesting that CBS;NBC;and ABC did not report
this most important news item to-night and the strength it gives
to Ken Starr, since Tucker has agreed to cooporate with
Starr as long as needed.

      Starr scored one, but it would not "fit" the attack
on him. -- No surprise.

Ken Wyman

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