Nelson Mandela's Affair

PapaPaul febboy at IX.NETCOM.COM
Sun Feb 22 01:18:38 MST 1998

At 08:16 PM 2/21/98 -0800, Jack Tomsky wrote:
>According to CNN, Nelson Mandela has been having an affair with Graca
>Machel, the widow of former Mozambique President Samora Machel.  This
>has brought criticism from Archbishop Tutu who has complained about
>Mandela for having an intimate relationship outside of marriage.
>   Mandela said, "People like Archbishop Tutu are making my life very
>difficult because they feel that I'm not setting a proper example for
>the young people".
>   OK, I'll leave out the obvious punchline.
>   Jack

        Kudo's for Tutu
        And, Thanks, Jack.  Just the kind of story I
        need in an ongoing debate with a a wayward
        Regards, PapaPaul

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