The Nevada "Anthrax guys" did nothing wrong?

Maher, Steve (SD-MS) SMAHER at GI.COM
Mon Feb 23 11:03:00 MST 1998

Last week, we heard how two guys had been arrested outside a doctor's
office in Henderson, NV with a substance in the trunk of their Mercedes
that was suspected to be antrax, a deadly germ-warfare material.

As the story unfolded, we heard less and less-- maybe it wasn't
anthrax, they weren't from Iraq, maybe it was only a non-deadly
version, maybe they weren't such bad guys after all, etc. etc.
Finally, driving in to work this morning, I heard that they were
innocent of any kind of crime, and that the substance was a harmless
anthrax *vaccine*.

Last time I recall something like this happening, was when TWA 800
blew up climbing out of New York. It was terrorists, it was a bomb,
it was a missile, it was a mob hit, etc. etc. That time, the Federal
govt slapped a bunch of new restrictions on us re airline travel,
sending packages thru the mail, and other areas; to protect us from
terrorist act such as TWA 800.

Since that time, the Govt has basically decided to say "Ummm, Never Mind"
a la Rosanne Rosannadanna-- it wasn't terrorists or a bomb or anything.
RESPONSE TO SUCH A TERRORIST ACT. When can we expect these restrictions
to go away, since their justification was proven (by the govt even)
nonexistent? Or is there some other justification for these laws, that
the govt has in mind?

Now we have the spectre of terrorists carrying an Anthrax weapon in
the US. Uh-oh, don't we need more regulations and restrictions, to
protect us from these people? (Never mind, they weren't terrorists,
or even bad guys, tho one has a prior record of purchasing an illegal
biological agent). But will the inconvenient truth stop the govt from
laying more restrictions\\\\\\\\\\\\protection on us this time?

If it does, it will be a pleasant change.

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"The Constitution isn't perfect... but it's better than the system we have

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