Walking the Dog

Maher, Steve (SD-MS) SMAHER at GI.COM
Mon Feb 23 11:23:00 MST 1998

>>Actually the UN only requests -- I think it takes the Office of the
>>President to put the collar around our throat - unless this president IS
>>the dog collar around our neck...
>Absolutely takes the office of the president.

And... ABC radio just announced that The White House has accepted the

Arf! <pant pant>

Is it true that the agreement is only to inspect 8 "palaces" for "a
limited time"?

What happens after that "limited time"? We do no more inspections?

And what happens to all the other palaces and disputed areas? No
inpections there either?

Please correct me if I'm wrong... but isn't this exactly the deal that
Saddam wanted all along? No inspections of his "palaces"? (after a brief
time of hiding the stuff from those eight, in one of the other 40-odd--
doesn't sound like any large crimp in his plans).

What, exactly, is the difference between this "diplomatic victory", and
"running with our tails between our legs"?

This ranks right up there with our "victory" in Vietnam.

Steve Maher

P.S. I really hope the reports of "limited inspections of only eight
are incorrect, and that there is much more to the deal than we have heard
thus far.

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