Walking the Dog

Darin H. Deem AptMaster at AOL.COM
Mon Feb 23 13:06:43 MST 1998

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<< Absolutely takes the office of the president.  And had the president in
 1991 NOT allowed this to happen, we wouldn't be where we are today.

Bush had no choice.  He did the best that he could.  Should we have taken our
troops into bagdad just to take out Hussein?  The loss of life would have been
much greater.  If we failed we would look really stupid.  If we succeeded we
would have plunged Iraq into civil war, allowing Iran to overtake it and cause
even more problems than Saddam can.  To avoid Civil war we could have occupied
Iraq.  In this scenerio, the entire muslim world would gun for us including
any muslim country allies.  Clearly occupation cannot happen.  Simply put, the
Bush administration had no choice but to determine that the best solution was
a weakened Hussein with less military power, but with enough to keep his
neighbors at bay.

Clearly Bush was not a great President in most matters, but in the Gulf he did
it the best way possible.  We came out of a potentially sticky situation
intact, having accomplished a good thing.


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