Peaceniks Wish To Spill Blood......

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In a message dated 98-02-20 16:34:39 EST, Francis Boyle, a tool of oppressors
and thugs, wrote:

<< You will
 note that U.N. Charter Article 33 would expressly by name  require the
 pursuit of the "mediation" procedure set forth in Hague Article 8,
 including the 30-day cooling off period. In addition, Article 2(3) of
 the UN Charter provides that : "All Members shall settle their
 international disputes by peaceful means in such a manner that
 international peace and security , and justice are not endangered." In
 regard to these arguments you should also note that all five permanent
 members of the UN Security Council are contracting parties to this 1907
 Hague Convention. >>

As an American citizen, I have my share of reservations about the prospective
bombing of Iraq. But I'll just be damned if I let this man lay claim to the
moral high ground, since it is crystal clear that the only motivation that the
Clinton administration has to bomb Iraq is to preserve the integrity of the
peace agreement which terminated Desert Storm, and the UN inspection regime
which accompanied that agreement. This is not simply a dispute between two
sovereign nations. It is a dispute between Iraq and the international
community which is threatened by Iraq's continued development of chemical and
biological weapons. What, then, is the applicability of the provisions cited
above ? Does the world community need a 30 day cooling off period to strike
against a nation that has defied its obligations under an international
agreement to submit to UN inspectors for several months now. And does anyone
honestly expect Saddam Hussein to agree to accept the inspectors back after
said 30 days ?

Sure, I could wait thirty days. But that wouldn't affect what appears to be an
inevitable outcome of Saddam Hussein's recalcitrance and manipulation. Iraq
will be bombed, and bombed severely.

Bill R.

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