The New Deal

Maher, Steve (SD-MS) SMAHER at GI.COM
Mon Feb 23 14:36:00 MST 1998

>There was a news interview by President Clinton, that Saddam has
>apparently given in and will allow the UN to inspect all sites, but in
>return the sactions must be lifted.  The President is waiting to hear
>the details and will leave our military there.

That's more like it... IF he sticks to it (a very big if). Let's see--
we inspect all the sites, satisfy ourselves that he doesn't have any
more weapons of mass destruction, and then we lift the sanctions?
Didn't we have exactly this agreement in place after 1992... and his
breaking it, was the reason for the present problem?

I heard Clinton say that we'll believe it AFTER our inspectors have
gone through several of these buildings... good for him.

If we get to inspect things, and so send the carriers home... and
then Saddam starts breaking agreements again, next year... what do
we do then?

Steve Maher

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