Rush Re-Broadcasts

Stephen A. Frye safrye at CONCENTRIC.NET
Mon Feb 23 15:14:27 MST 1998

>It's true that some AM stations increase their power from the daytime
>"kilowatt" levels, sometimes up beyong a million watts at night. I've
>picked up Los Angeles' KFI AM 640 in South Park, Colorado (between
>Fairplay and Colorado Springs) on a cheapo car radio a few times,
>late at night.
>Anybody have a list of what stations turn up their power, and by how
>much, at night?

KFI does not turn their power up at night.  I'd be interested to see a list
of any United States AM radio stations that broadcast in the Mega Watt
range - at any time of day or night.  There are reasons why stations can be
received at greater distances at night than during the day - increased
power is seldom one of them.  Under the right conditions, KFI's 50 KW is
quite capable of skipping all around the country.

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