The New Deal

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>That's a very interesting question.  What do we propose for the long term?
>Do any of us really believe that bombing Iraq will have any impact?  It
>will kill people.  It will destroy buildings.  It will make Saddam more of
>a hero than he is now with his people.  It will antagonize relationships
>with several NATO nations, and it will get some of our soldiers killed.
>And what will any of that do in the long run?  probably nothing.
>We beat him before, and look where we are today.  We beat him today, where
>does that put us five years from now?  Unless, of course, we support all
>out war and just annihilate him and his people into total submission.
>I am not in favor of letting him get away with what he has done.  I just
>don't see how killing lots of innocent people will change that.
>Personally - I think we're all just a little blood thirsty.

I agree, I think we should just let Sadam have free reign until he exports
some terrorists, with a deadly biological agent, to the US an kills a few
hundred thousand people. Chamberlain had that exact approach to Hitler and
we should stick with what works. After all ,we did get rid of Hitler, right?

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