Interesting Stephanopolous quotes, Week 3

Maher, Steve (SD-MS) SMAHER at GI.COM
Mon Feb 23 17:40:00 MST 1998

The Weekly Roundtable
from "This Week", ABC News
Feb. 22, 1998

     GEORGE WILL: Well, that s part of the cognitive dissonance of
the rhetoric not matching the measures. I mean, if he is the most
evil man since Hitler and that really doesn t do at all justice to
Mao Tse-tung, who killed rather more people but leaving that aside,
if it is the case, then we have to say that we re willing to take
measures proportionate. We are manifestly not.

And furthermore, the people in charge of leading the country have
taken no steps toward leading us in that direction, for preparing
the country the way Franklin Roosevelt in his granted dissembling
and oblique way did try to lead the country toward acceptance of
war in  39 and  40.

     COKIE ROBERTS: Well, except that he did run saying, no American
boys on foreign soil.

     GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: This is a little more like LBJ in Vietnam
than FDR with World War II. We re doing halfway measures.


     COKIE ROBERTS: In the Monica Lewinsky tapes this week, there has
been not much action before the grand jury. A lot of fighting over
executive privilege and whether the Secret Service is covered by it
as well as members of the president s staff. George, what is the White
House strategy?

     GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: It s a variation of the old Dean Smith,
North Carolina, four corners offense. It s stall and delay.

     COKIE ROBERTS: It is?


     COKIE ROBERTS: But coming back to the Paula Jones case you talked
about if the president has a legal victory. But aren t there likely to
be a lot of stories that go into that trial that are just unbelievably

     GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: Cokie, how many more stories can you have? I
embarrassment is not the issue right now. We ve gone beyond embarrassment.

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