Rush re broadcasts

Jim Nantz jim at COTTAGESOFT.COM
Mon Feb 23 17:51:04 MST 1998

I have found a station that rebroadcasts Rush's show.  It's a station on
Guam that also broadcasts on the net.  They also rebroadcast the show
starting at 7:00 PM MST.  Start your realaudio player and give it the
following address pnm://

We don't need the religous right -- we already have a president that has
the morals of a TV Evangelist!

Jay Leno:

Information for all!
For law enforcment officials monitoring the net: abortion, marijuana, cocaine,
cia,plutonium, ammonium nitrate, militia, dea, nsa, pgp, hacker,
assassinate, Cuba, Missle, Patriot, bomb, fertilizer, and blasting cap

The spam harvesters will have a ball with this puppy:
root at localhost
admin at localhost
Chairman Reed Hundt: rhundt at
Commissioner James Quello: jquello at
Commissioner Susan Ness: sness at
Commissioner Rachelle Chong: rchong at

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