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Mon Feb 23 18:14:19 MST 1998

At 04:53 PM 2/23/98 -0800, you wrote:
>I am still not clear.  When I brought up questions about Mr. Bush's
>decisions in Iraq, I was told that he had no choice but to act in
>accordance with the U.N.  If that was true for him, is it not true for Mr.
>Clinton as well? It was also mentioned that if Mr. Bush had taken more
>action, he would have been going against the wishes of the Arabs, the
>allies, etc.  That possibility was also used in  defense of his decisions.
>Why is the same not true now?

I don't know anyone that is saying it is not true now. I may have missed it
but clinton has the support of none of the above so he shouldn't do
anything if that is the criteria. Bush did was was agreed to. However,
clinton seems bent on having the US act alone and if that is the case then
the only thing that makes sense is to go the whole route and cut out the
cancer or do nothing. You may not want your son dieing so some one can save
face but what if it means stopping a maniac from killing thousands, slowly
with a toxin? If I were young enough I would prefer to go instead of my son
but I would hope that if he was called he wouldn't pull a clinton.

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