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>They were talking about an episode of Are You Being Served?  It's one of
>those british comedies they show on the PBS staions.  Mrs. Slocombe, one of
>the characters on the program often talks about her cat and she uses that
>same word.  On one episode she was talking about how her house caught fire
>once and a fireman went up to the ladder to get her cat off the roof.
>Using that magic word she said the firemen were climing the ladder trying
>to grab her cat.

Yes, I watched that show as well. My favorite was when she was asking her
neighbor to look in on her cat. She told the neighbor look thorough the
mail slot and see if he/she could see her cat. She when on to describe it
as being furry, etc. As I recall she then went on to ask the neighbor to
feed it and how to go about doing it when the neighbor hung up. The writers
really play that double entondre to the hilt in almost every episode.

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