Walking the Dog

Hank Stanley arjohns at ADNC.COM
Mon Feb 23 18:55:04 MST 1998

I love you like a brother, Stephen, but you're a one-trick pony on this
one.  We covered this last week.

At the time Schwartzkoff and the boys took the fourth largest army in the
world and turned it into the second largest army in Iraq (meaning it was
kicked out of Kuwait -- it was in all the papers) we had met the objective.

At the time, no one, NO ONE --including all of his neighbors-- gave Saddam
chance of surviving for more than 6 months afterwards.  But, unfortunately,
our alleged president isn't the only Come-Back kid in the world.  You can
Monday-morning quarterback about poor judgment six years later if you want,
but, it was the correct call at the time.

At 08:38 2/23/98 -0800, Stephen A. Frye wrote:

>Absolutely takes the office of the president.  And had the president in
>1991 NOT allowed this to happen, we wouldn't be where we are today.

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