The New Deal

Hank Stanley arjohns at ADNC.COM
Mon Feb 23 22:55:19 MST 1998

At 13:36 2/23/98 -0800, you wrote:
>>There was a news interview by President Clinton, that Saddam has
>>apparently given in and will allow the UN to inspect all sites, but in
>>return the sactions must be lifted.  The President is waiting to hear
>>the details and will leave our military there.
>That's more like it... IF he sticks to it (a very big if). Let's see--
>we inspect all the sites, satisfy ourselves that he doesn't have any
>more weapons of mass destruction, and then we lift the sanctions?
>Didn't we have exactly this agreement in place after 1992... and his
>breaking it, was the reason for the present problem?
No, no.  I read "in return" as quid pro quo, not chronology.  Not "after
which" the sanctions will be lifted, but "concurrently with."

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