Walking the Dog

Hank Stanley arjohns at ADNC.COM
Mon Feb 23 23:18:39 MST 1998

At 14:14 2/23/98 -0800, you wrote:
>>We came out of a potentially sticky situation
>>intact, having accomplished a good thing.
>And where are we today?
I think God decided it wasn't time for the rapture.

Meanwhile, down here on the mortal coil, we dodged a temporary bullet
that'll be back again.  I don't relish a shooting war with Clinton as the
Commander-in-Chief, and not just because of his anti-military tendencies,
either.  With the exception of FDR, Democrat presidents in this century
haven't conducted wars very well.

I don't think Clinton was being honest with himself or us.  He was more or
less out of options and this was the lesser of all the evils.  You could
tell his heart wasn't really in it.  Think about how you felt in 1990 when
Bush was on the verge of attacking Iraq.  Remember that?  That feeling was
absent this time, at least with me.

I think we're better off, for the moment.

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