Rush Re-Broadcasts

Maher, Steve (SD-MS) SMAHER at GI.COM
Tue Feb 24 09:36:00 MST 1998

>>>        To the best of my knowledge, 200kw is peak power, AM, or FM.
>>I was just looking around on the fcc site and their data indicates the max
>>for FM is 100KW and 50 KW for AM
>        AM at 50kw is correct. FM, though, probably is not. There's a
station in
>Virginia Beach that broadcasts at 200kw, but I cannot remember the calls.

The reason I brought up super-hi-power stations, is because many years
ago I saw a book listing all stations in the country, and their broadcast
powers for day and night. In some, the difference was humongous-- I
thought I saw seven figures for a few (megawatts). Maybe I was on drugs
at the time, or maybe regulations have changed the max now to 100 Kw or
200 Kw or whatever. Sorry If I gave out false info... maybe I can take
McCurry's job after he bugs out!

Has anyone seen such a book, listing all stations, their frequencies,
power output, etc.?

Steve Maher

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