The New Deal

Stephen Frye safrye at CONCENTRIC.NET
Tue Feb 24 21:41:52 MST 1998

>I agree, I think we should just let Sadam have free reign until he exports
>some terrorists, with a deadly biological agent, to the US an kills a few
>hundred thousand people. Chamberlain had that exact approach to Hitler and
>we should stick with what works. After all ,we did get rid of Hitler, right?

8.6 for sarcasm.

Should we bomb everyone who has the potential for siring terrorists?

I don't know if military action is the right answer or not.  I still doubt
it.  I think it would accomplish nothing other than destroy life and
property.  I am far from convinced it would do anything at all to his
weapons stores.  I am far from convinced it would deter him from doing
anything now or later.

For that reason I question it.  I also prefer a peaceful solution to a
military one.  Especially when, as I stated, I don't believe the military
one would accomplish anything.  If the peaceful approach doesn;t work,
we'll have to examine the potential effectiveness of military intervention
once again.  And again, short of total annihilation, I don't see that working.

Stephen Frye

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