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Thu Feb 26 12:30:58 MST 1998

Ron Paul sez:

How to get rich in Washington DC: Join the
Capitol Hill "$100,000 Club" for staffers

        WASHINGTON, DC -- If you think Congressmen are paid too much,
wait until you hear how much Capitol Hill staffers get: 554
Congressional employees make over $100,000 a year -- a number that's
grown by 41% since 1995, according to a new study.

        "Working for the government used to be considered public
service -- now it's highway robbery," said Steve Dasbach, national
chairman of the Libertarian Party.

        "First politicians raised their own pay without a vote. Now
they're using our tax dollars to pay ridiculous salaries to hordes of

        According to a study in Roll Call newspaper, the number of
political staffers in Washington DC's exclusive "$100,000 Club" has hit
an all-time high of 554.

        In fact, for the first time in history, there are more
behind-the-scenes Congressional staffers pulling down six-figure
salaries than Congressmen and Senators.

        "These figures will be an expensive surprise for most
taxpayers," said Dasbach. "Most Americans assume you make a sacrifice
when you take a political job in Washington, DC. In fact, we taxpayers
are the ones making the sacrifice -- to pay the inflated salaries of
Washington's bureaucratic ruling class."

        The total taxpayer tab for the 554 six-figure staffers? Over
$63 million a year.

        "This is a dramatic illustration of how large and unaccountable
government has become," Dasbach said. "Politicians aren't content to
raise their own salaries behind our backs; they're also sharing the
loot with hundreds of Capitol Hill flunkies.

        "As a result, Americans struggling to get by on the median
family income of $37,000 pay exorbitant taxes to fund the salaries of
political aides who earn nearly three times as much as they do," he

        Currently, 81 GOP Congressmen and Senators pay out
$100,000-plus salaries to staff members, compared to 59 Democrats.

        "When it comes to padding the payroll, Republicans are leading
the charge," said Dasbach, who pointed out that the number of
six-figure employees has skyrocketed since the so-called Republican
Revolution of 1994.

        "Republicans are doing the same thing to their employees'
salaries as they're doing to the rest of government: Rapidly expanding
it," he said.

        But the federal salary scandal doesn't end with Congressional
staffers, Dasbach said. The "$100,000 Club" is just the tip of the

        * Despite the "Reinventing Government" scheme that President
Clinton boasts about, the overall cost of the salaries and benefits
paid to federal workers grew to $101.4 billion in 1996, compared to
just $93.7 billion four years earlier. This is despite the fact that
federal employment has fallen by more than 300,000 workers, thanks to
military downsizing.

        * When it comes to getting raises, federal employees are
experts: Since 1980, compensation for federal workers has risen five
times as fast as for private sector employees, according to a study by
economist Wendell Cox.

        Over the last 18 years, the average federal employee's
inflation-adjusted compensation (wages and benefits) has jumped by more
than 25%, compared to just over 5% for everyone else, the study says.

         What's the Libertarian solution to the problem of sky-high
government salaries?

        "It's time to make these high-priced bureaucrats get honest
jobs," said Dasbach. "Federal workers are earning too much for doing
too little -- or, even worse, earning too much for doing too much
that's harmful to our liberty and prosperity.

        "Let's put them to work in the private sector, producing goods
and services that customers are willing to pay for -- rather than
earning huge salaries for churning out laws, regulations, and more
government red tape."

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