Rush Re-Broadcasts

Jim Nantz jim at COTTAGESOFT.COM
Mon Feb 23 22:55:42 MST 1998

At 09:34 PM 2/23/98 -0500, John wrote:
>        640 KHZ is a clear channel (which are AM only), so KFI has
"rights" to
>that frequency at full power after dark. KDKA is another (1020 KHZ), WBT
>(Charlotte) is also a clear channel powerhouse. There aren't very many
>stations with these "rights", for the clear channel frequencies are limited.
>John A. Quayle

At one time Clear channel stations used to have exclusive rights to a
frequency at night.  No other station could broadcast on that frequency at
night.  This is no longer true.  The FCC in its infinite stupidity ended
the clear channel status some years ago.  Now at night you have a situation
where AM radio is virtually useless.  The FCC allows too many stations to
broadcast on the same frequency at night and now you can't hear any of
them.  When I was a kid in Arizona WBAP from Dallas came in perfectly all
night.  As soon as it got dark WBAP came in just like a local station.  Now
in Arizona at night it can hardly be heard.  This is due to the loss of
thier clear channel status.   Another such station is WHAS from Louisville.
 Thier signal used to make it all the way to Arizona, but not anymore.

Here's a url I came across  It gives
a list of staions that broadcast on the net.  They also have a search
engine that allows you to input a frequency and find all the stations that
use it.
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