WT: NOW chapter set to bolt over Lewinsky scandal

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>NOW chapter set to bolt over Clinton scandal
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>By Jennifer Harper
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>A local chapter of the National Organization for Women is ready to
>desert the main group over the White House sex-and-lies scandal.
>Convinced that NOW's national leaders have gone too easy on President
>Clinton's relationship with intern Monica Lewinsky, Dulles (Va.) Area
>NOW may close up shop as a public gesture of criticism.
>     "Our leaders can't be selective on the issue of sexual harassment,"
>said Marie-Jose Ragab, who has been president of the Northern Virginia
>chapter for the past 10 years. "In the past, they have spoken out
>against sexual harassment, most of the time against Republican figures."

I think it is too late. The NAG gang has undone much of what it
accomplished over the past decade in just a few months. It has shown itself
to be nothing more then a liberal political organization out to get
Republicans and conservatives in general. There is no credibility left of
what little it had left after the Packwood and Thomas witch... excuse me,
warlock... hunts.


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