It's Society, Not Me!

A.C. Szul mack97 at EROLS.COM
Fri Feb 27 17:32:57 MST 1998

"...He's a great man.  He's great with people.  Unfortunately, he can't
keep his pants zipped.  What if it's the same thing? We have never asked
that question...." says Mike Nichols, director of the upcoming movie
"Primary Colors," in an article by James Kaplan (New York [Magazine],

Hmmm...ok, let's read on.

"In France, private acts are private acts," says Nichols.  "They long
ago figured out that men who get a lot accomplished have powerful
libidos.  What's the problem?"

Gee, ok, let's go with that.  Ronald Reagan got a lot accomplished, for
the country and world.  And he may have had a powerful libido (though
there was never any reason to believe that), but he certainly didn't
diminish respect for the presidency.  Instead, his conduct and policies
increased the respect of the U.S. the point of helping
topple communism, bringing Gorbachev to the bargaining table and dealing
with Hussein-like terrorists (i.e. Quadaffi) swiftly.  Bush had very
respectable career as well.  Director of the CIA, vice-president,
president, etc...  Certainly a man who accomplished a great many things
as well.  And --like Reagan-- he didn't bring dishonor to the the
Presidency or the White House.

Kaplan ends his article with some parting thoughts by director Nichols.
The director recounts his favorite line in the movie "Philadelphia:"
"The time to make up your mind about people is never."  "It's a line
that I've always loved," he says.  Mentioning a line from one of PC's
main characters --Stanton's wife, played by Emma Thompson-- "We didn't
know how the world worked.  Now we know," Nichols cleverly shifts the
blame to society and the world-at-large rather than placing
responsibility for one's actions where it rightfully belongs -- the
White House and it's elected leader.

Even though Nichols is an active contributor of the democratic party and
considered a FOB, and even though Travolta, who plays the fictional
character "loosely" based on the current POTUS, denies any favortism, PC
seems like a movie that cleverly shifts any responsibility for one's own
personal indiscretion to society rather than holding the individual

"The sharpest tool in the shed." -- anonymous

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