FWD: Clinton scandal alienates male support

A.C. Szul mack97 at EROLS.COM
Fri Feb 27 23:15:02 MST 1998

>                             GOP frustrated as women keep backing Democrats
>                               In Clinton scandal, they seek answers.
>                                            By Dick Polman
>                                      INQUIRER STAFF WRITER
>                       BILOXI, Miss. -- Steve Nodine, a longtime Republican activist from
>                       Alabama, isn't feeling too kindly toward women these days. He doesn't
>                       like to talk about it, because "as soon as you say something, you sound like
>                       a chauvinist."
>                       But he's too upset to keep his lips zipped. Whenever he checks the polls
>                       and rediscovers that women are sticking with President Clinton despite all
>                       the allegations of sex, lies, and who knows what's next -- frankly, he said
>                       here yesterday, "it just boggles my mind."
>                       What frustrates him is that his Republican Party, saddled with a gender
>                       gap showing more and more women leaning toward the Democrats, has
>                       been unable to post any gains among women during Clinton's time of
>                       turmoil.
>                       The Monica Lewinsky saga has not turned women off; the polls indicate
>                       precisely the opposite. Women have been the prime force behind Clinton's
>                       popularity surge during these five weeks of scandal, their support rising as
>                       male support has dropped.

Why is male support for POTUS dropping?

a) Jealousy? Envy?
b) Male support falls behind Interns Unite (non-profit support group)
c) Political?
d) Or just crooked polls?

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