He Had *WHAT*?!?

John A. Quayle blueoval at SGI.NET
Wed Dec 1 22:29:10 MST 1999

Yet Another Clinton Whopper

“Inside the Beltway has confirmed that at a recent private fund-raising
dinner, Mr. Clinton revealed to guests that he used to be a card-carrying
member of the NRA (National Rifle Association) he now decries.  We’ve gotten
hold of a transcript from the Democrat National Committee fund-raiser, held
at a private residence in Atlanta on October 29, in which Mr. Clinton stated:
... ‘Now, you know, I once had a lifetime membership in the NRA.  I’ve even
got my jacket there.’ ... Wayne R. LaPierre Jr., executive vice president of
the NRA, was shaking his head.  ‘I can’t believe it,’ the NRA chief said.
‘You know, if he’s that delusional maybe he did inhale.’  Do you mean to say
Mr. Clinton was telling another tall tale?  ‘He never had a lifetime
membership, he never had a jacket.  He made it up,’ Mr. LaPierre said.  The
NRA, he stressed, keeps excellent records of its membership roster, present
and past.”

- John McCaslin’s “Inside the Beltway,” 11/21/99

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