From the feedback section of the Daily Telegraph

Thu Dec 2 12:42:55 MST 1999

I wrote a note to the Daily Telegraph Tuesday concerning
something I read in their paper.  A government bureaucrat over
there wants to encourage public transportation by telling store
owners how big they can make their parking lots.

I looked today and my letter turned up in their feedback
section.  Here it is.  For those of you in Rio Linda, a
fortnight is two weeks.  In England they call shopping carts

SIR - What right does the Government have to tell someone how
big they can make the car park for their store? [Supermarkets
join drive
 against car park curbs, 30 November 1999]

 This is obviously an idea thought up by someone who has a
chauffeur and possible other assistants to do for him many of
the day to day tasks
 most of us take care of ourselves.

 When I was a child my mother would go grocery shopping about
once every fortnight. She always took me along because she would
 someone to push the second trolley when she filled the first

 By the time the groceries were paid for and put in bags we
often needed three trolleys to get it all out to the car. When
the car (a large
 American station wagon) was filled, there was just enough room
for my mother, my sister and myself.

 Would Mr Prescott like to tell us how a 35-year-old woman, a
13-year-old boy and a two-year-old girl are supposed to get all
that home on a

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