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Elton John seduces 'cub scouts'

  WND Exclusive
Elton John seduces 'cub scouts' Lurid stage show draws applause, protests
By Julie Foster
  © 1999

Singer Elton John's lurid stage performance with six teen-age strippers
wearing Cub Scout uniforms, at a gala London event honoring the homosexual
rights group Stonewall, is being both applauded and condemned.

The strippers, all 18- and 19-year-old professionals, were wearing Cub
Scout uniforms and hats when Elton John took the hand of each "scout" and
introduced them to the VIP audience at London's Albert Hall. Following
their introduction, the teen-agers began to strip off their uniforms --
which are worn by real scouts between the ages of 7 and 11 -- revealing
"tight undies," according to the British Internet publication The Sun.

The striptease was performed to the song, "It's a sin," by the notorious
homosexual band, the Pet Shop Boys, and included such suggestive behavior
as strippers kneeling before Elton John in obscene poses while grabbing
their crotches.

Child and family advocacy groups were outraged at the display.

"Stonewall should be condemned for holding boys up as sex objects," said
Valerie Riches, head of Family and Youth Concern, a British pro-family

Don Wildmon, president of the American Family Association told
WorldNetDaily that he was not at all surprised at the event.

"Considering Hollywood's attitude toward sex and homosexuals, it's really
not surprising. It's something you would expect." Wildmon also said the
lack of media reaction was to be expected.

"Had this been a racial incident, or a reverse incident which in some way
negatively portrayed the homosexual lifestyle, we'd have seen it everywhere
in the media," he said.

However, a spokesman for Elton John claims that he does not understand why
people are offended, The Sun reported.

"The whole performance was a bit of high camp in the great British
tradition of comedy like Benny Hill," said John's spokesman. "It was meant
to be a bit of fun for an appropriate audience."

That audience had gathered to support, among other things, Stonewall's
efforts to lower the age of homosexual consent in Britain to 16, and
included the well-known British model and actress Elizabeth Hurley.

Another Stonewall spokeswoman added, "The routine was one of a number that
provided a great evening of entertainment. To read anything more into it
would be wrong."

One of those other routines was the show's grand finale, consisting of such
celebrities as Kulture Klub, Lily Savage and George Michael on stage amid a
shower of confetti being released from long, suggestively shaped balloons,
according to the report.

Singer George Michael told the audience he wanted to be remembered for
writing songs and for introducing the practice of soliciting casual
homosexual sex in public restrooms, otherwise known as "cottaging," to the
entertainment industry.

The choice of Cub Scouts as the object of obscene sexual parody likely
stems from the ongoing legal battles between homosexual activists and the
Boy Scouts of America over whether the private organization should be
forced to admit homosexuals. Although the California Supreme Court in 1998
ruled unanimously that scouting is a voluntary and private social
organization with the authority to exclude homosexuals and atheists, more
recently the New Jersey Supreme Court ruled -- again unanimously -- in the
opposite direction.

In Dale vs. Boy Scouts of America, the New Jersey high court ruled that,
"Boy Scouts' activities are designed to build character and instill moral
principles. Nothing before us, however, suggests that one of Boy Scouts'
purposes is to promote the view that homosexuality is immoral."

Lawyers for the Boy Scouts of America have vowed to appeal the New Jersey
decision to the United States Supreme Court.

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