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John A. Quayle blueoval at SGI.NET
Thu Dec 2 22:49:52 MST 1999

The Big GOP Debate:  Winners & Losers

        OK. Last night’s debate, if nothing else, answered the question of why
George W. has ducked all the other debates. Not that he did or said anything
devastating to his campaign, but when compared to the other candidates, he
looked like...well, just another candidate.  He was certainly no colossus
towering over the competition. Take away the aura of inevitability and the
$60 million and what do you have? Dan Quayle, Lamar Alexander and Liddy

        The biggest loser was Gary Bauer, who obviously no longer belongs in this
contest. Orrin Hatch, with the exception of his closing argument that the
GOP contestants should embark on a series of “Lincoln/Douglas” debates,
performed at the Bauer level. Hasta la vista, baby.

        Despite having a rock-solid conservative platform, Steve Forbes took the
fight directly at Bush, but came off as petty at times...and simply lacks
the passionate personality to sway people to his cause. That’s a shame -
and the
country’s loss.

        John McCain had the best one-liner of the night when he suggested that,
should Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan die prematurely, the country would do well
to prop him up like they did in the movie “Weekend at Bernie’s.” Still, we
have a problem getting past Saint John’s holier-than-thou crusade against
“soft” money while allowing the unions to continue unencumbered. Chalk him
and Forbes up as marginal winners.

        The big enchilada in last night’s dust up - though no one else is likely to
concur (at least publicly) - went to former U.N. Ambassador Alan Keyes. He
continues to come off as strong, unapologetic and firmly on the side of
liberty and freedom - a true Reagan disciple. Even his pro-life position is
based more on a constitutional argument than a religious one - a welcome
and persuasive change from what we’ve come to expect from the goofball
Randall Terry’s of the world. Keyes is a man totally comfortable in what he
believes...and unafraid to champion it in the face of the media, the
Democrats and even his fellow Republicans. And he makes a very interesting
and compelling, argument: If you don’t care for Bush, and believe that
neither McCain nor Forbes can beat him, why not vote for the one candidate
who really and truly believes in what he says.

        Now, if enough people buy into that idea, we could see some REAL
excitement in the GOP race over the next 60 days. President Alan Keyes. We
can actually picture it...and it ain’t half bad.

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